Eating for 2!!?? – More unhealthy snacks

Nagoya milk tea with pearls and pudding (Medium size).  Yes, MORE calories!!!  This was last July 3 when my husband (Rick) asked if I wanted anything from Galleria.  If he didn’t ask, I wouldn’t have been tempted to get this and drink it! (Now it’s his fault! hahahaha).  It was a good dessert while watching a”teleserye” at night 😛
To make things worse, since the milk tea was a bit sweet, I had a craving for something salty right after. So I go and open up a bag of Tortillos! It’s a good thing I controlled myself and didn’t finish everything. I gave myself a pat on the back coz I’d normally get to finish this much in one sitting 🙂

My unhealthy eating

Yesterday, after my pre-natal check-up, I found out I gained 6 pounds in a span of 2 weeks vs. losing a pound in 4 weeks.  Extremes, right?!

Oh well, so I just told myself that starting this week, I’ll stop eating junk and keep it to the “healthier” options during munching time.

As I headed home, I suddenly felt hungry…I was too lazy to get down the car to buy something so of course, I ended up going to a place with drive-thru.  My only choices were McDonalds and Krispy Kreme.  I chose the one with lesser evil and one that would satisfy my hunger.

It was the ever dependable Cheeseburger meal.
I tried the Blueberry Float while I was at it —OH MY!  I hated it!
Then got some Fries for the kids.

I nothing could really stop me from eating junk!

Well, its just a few more weeks, what’s a few more pounds??? 😛

Pregnancy Cravings – Nacho King!

As I was waiting for my turn to get my 4d ultrasound, I was able to get some Nacho King!

I’ve been craving for these for quite some time, finally was able to eat them.  Problem was, as I was munching on them while walking in Megamall, I realized it didn’t taste as good as before.  I ended up not finishing it 😦

The craving that wasn’t satisfied.  Nachos not crispy, cheese was too watery, beef was dry…Grrrr!

Eating for 2!!??-Roshan Ice Cream

I recently tried Roshan’s home-made ice cream.  Cappuccino Almond Fudge.  Thanks to my friend Joan who sent some over, just in time for my pregnancy cavings.  As I took in the first spoon of this ice cream, I was already able to taste the capuccino flavor,  almonds, and bits of fudge…they definitely din’t scrimp on the ingredients.

Here’s the tub of ice cream I got!  🙂   It’s on top of a small pillow covered with a towel on top of my tummy while facing the t.v…
Cappuccino Almond Fudge…no, I din’t finish the entire tub of ice cream…I had self control this time around.
Here’s how their packaging looks like.

They have all other sorts of desserts in their website.  Check it out, all look so mouthwatering.

For orders you can call them at 631-7786 or 0917-8336286.