Eating for 2!!?? – Cake overload

Right after picking up Chesca from school, I headed over to Fleur de Lys in Quezon City to buy some of their Florentines (the thin cookies coated with chocolate I talked about in one of my previous posts).  But as I was about to pay, I suddenly felt a bit hungry and of course, what was in front of me??? A lot of cakes!  I was only planning to buy 1, but ended up buying 3!  hay-yai-yai!!!  Well since I was there, might as well try some right?

There were too much to choose from so I asked for their bestseller. This is what they told me. So I decided to get a slice. Best Kept C-Cret – P115/slice.   It had cream, sponge cake, almonds, custard, and hint of chocolate in it. It did taste good but I liked the 2nd cake I got better.
Cake #2. Their version of banoffi pie called Dulce-Banana Tart, P120 each.  This was what I really liked. Liked this version better than starbucks or bannaple’s. This one isn’t that sweet. I’d recommend you to try it out.  Sorry for the crappy pictures (again).
Cake #3 was what I was excited for coz I’ve been looking for a good strawberry shortcake that can be bought in small portions. This is called Strawberry Fields, P120 each.  Unfortunately, it didn’t taste good. I didn’t like the cream. After the first bite, I couldn’t take another (nakakaumay is the Filipino term for it). The sponge cake wasn’t that yummy as well. Or maybe it wasn’t as fresh as I had expected. Baby Yulo’s Strawberry Shortcake still tops my list.

To sum it up, I’d go back to this pastry store for their Florentines and Dulce-Banana Tart.  But then again, this is just my opinion and my taste buds 🙂

It was a day filled with too much cake “taste testing”.  Again, I blame it on the hormones!

What about  you, what’s your favorite cake?

Cravings: Florentines Cookies. Pizza Hut + Rootbeer

Yesterday, I ended up buying florentines from Fleur de Lys Patisserie in Tomas Morato, QC.  A friend of mine was eating it late last year and I just woke up thinking about it.  I guess it was really meant for me to buy some coz Rick sent the driver on an errand in Q.C.  Then I also had some stuff to pick up from a supplier near Tomas Morato.  So talk about hitting 2 birds with one stone.

These are what florentines look like. They’re really thin cookies. The bottom portion is covered in chocolate. Yummm! It costs P160 for 15pcs. I think they also have 25 pcs. for more or less P250.

I ended up buying 2 canisters!  Then by night time, only a few pieces in the first canister was left!  Uh oh!


Then today, the craving was Pizza Hut with a stuffed crust of cheese.  Of course, if there’s pizza, there has to be some soda.  Good thing I had a can of A&W in the ref.  So this was my afternoon snack.

This pizza was actually for my daughter coz she wanted to eat the crust of the pizza. But then she chose to sleep when the pizza arrived. I ended up eating 2 slices, after which I had to take the box far away from me or else that would’ve been 4 slices!


What about you, what were your cravings lately?  🙂



Fleur de Lys Patiserrie
Ground Level, FLP Bldg., 305 Tomas Morato Ext., 
South Triangle, Quezon City,Tomas Morato
Phone: (63 2) 372-0631