To Eat or Not to Eat!? – Merienda at Lugang

After one of our bikram yoga classes, we decided to eat merienda in Lugang along Connecticut in Greenhills.

Flowing water from the wall on one side of the restaurant gave a refreshing & relaxing ambience.
This tasted so good after a hot yoga session! Aloe Honey Lemon Tea. P120.
Beef Turnip P360
Pork Peanut Noodles P230.
Their pork & shrimp siomai was quite different. It was like xiao long bao coz it had some sauce inside. I was craving for the normal siomai but it was okay, something new to try. P218.
Had very nice interior.
Parking across the street was available for Lugang customers.

It’s like we did yoga to be able to eat all of this one Saturday afternoon 🙂

Definitely a must try chinese restaurant.

We give it an overall rating of 4.5 spoons!