Cravings: Meiji Almond

Ok, so yes, I still have cravings even after I gave birth.  Let me call these post pregnancy cravings 🙂  And yes, I always have an excuse for eating junk!

Meiji Almond pack.  What I like about these is that they’re individually packed so even if I don’t finish the entire pack, it’s okay coz each chocolate is sealed.  It also gives me a reason not to finish the whole thing in one sitting!

The texture of this almond chocolate is a bit hard and slippery unlike the others in the market that are powdery and soft that melt fast.  No need to put them inside the ref coz it’ll harden up and difficult to bite.

Try these out, they’re really good!

Eating for 2!!?? – A pint of Ice-Cream

Ice cream has always been a favorite of mine in each of my pregnancies.  During the latter part of this pregnancy, I was craving for a Mint Chocolate Chip flavor.

Found a FIC one. But this had some berry flavor in it.  I tried it anyway.

To my surprise, at the end of the tv series I was watching, this is what was left of the pint…

Nothing was left in the pint!!! Shame on me!!!

I guess I don’t have to say that it tasted good!  The picture above is evidence enough 🙂

Have you had your guilty pleasures lately???

Eating for 2!!??-Roshan Ice Cream

I recently tried Roshan’s home-made ice cream.  Cappuccino Almond Fudge.  Thanks to my friend Joan who sent some over, just in time for my pregnancy cavings.  As I took in the first spoon of this ice cream, I was already able to taste the capuccino flavor,  almonds, and bits of fudge…they definitely din’t scrimp on the ingredients.

Here’s the tub of ice cream I got!  🙂   It’s on top of a small pillow covered with a towel on top of my tummy while facing the t.v…
Cappuccino Almond Fudge…no, I din’t finish the entire tub of ice cream…I had self control this time around.
Here’s how their packaging looks like.

They have all other sorts of desserts in their website.  Check it out, all look so mouthwatering.

For orders you can call them at 631-7786 or 0917-8336286.